January 3, 2016

The Alpine Live Nativity 2015

We went to our first Live Nativity and plan on this being a new family tradition of ours. The spirit was so strong as the snow softly fell. We waited in line and watched as everyone dressed in Christ's time period acted out what happened that very special night. There were so many live animals. At the end we were able to see Mary, Joseph and brand-new baby Jesus. What a sweet experience!

Lots of llamas! Ella was loving them.

Then we got in our super warm Denali and drove to Krispy Kreme. Their donuts are The. Best. Ever.

What a sweet night! XoXo

Note to self: Tickets to the Alpine Live Nativity were purchased in late October. Be on top of it again next year and get tickets before they are sold out!

December 31, 2015

Everyday Living...

The Cluff's are a kick in the butt. They rented these adult 3 wheelers and invited us over. Yes, I beat all the girls. Everyone else was out of breath at the end and they were like, how are you not??? I said, I'm a runner. :)

We looked so silly! Kids loved it though.

We went to a BYU game with Chris, Deborah, Steve & Melene and ate at Brick Oven pizza first!

Madelyn lost a tooth in school biting into her string cheese! What a cute toothless grin. 
Love her.

Madelyn & Olivia played in the snow and built little snowmen!

We LOVE a good super nacho.

We built and decorated gingerbread houses.

Ella and I ran into Santa up on Traverse Mountain. Ella asked Santa for tickets to DisneyLand.

Hailey and I snuck away and saw the newest Hunger Games movie!

...and took a few selfies while we were at it!

Olivia did a great job on her Davis County report! xoxo

Jon was the happiest he's ever been when the snow started falling and he had to go plow everyones driveways!!!

We took Nikki and Soph Christmas presents then to dinner at the Pizza Factory in Syracuse.

Ella got gum in her hair...

This is normal. They Love to fall asleep in my bed.

Our 12.7 acre park is being built! It will have a real train that will run once a month! Yay! We've been waiting foooorrreeeevvvveerrr.

Madelyn learned that credit cards are dumb. Phew. Glad that was learned in 2nd grade.

I took our older 3 girls to see "Once I was a Beehive" while Isabella slept over at Grandma's.

Nat, my Mom and I got away and ate at Cheesecake while the older girls were at school. These two melt my heart. Such good buddies. xoxo

Life is good.

Hailey's Ballroom Dance Recital!

Hailey is a natural! Ballroom dancing comes very easy to her- and she has such a ballroom dancers body with her tall, slim, cute shape. Hailey has only been taking Ballroom for about 6 months- but did so great and Loves it!

Hailey's partners name is Enoch and he was such a cutie.

Look at my beautiful baby! Love her so much.
And it was so sweet of my parents to come and support her.
Love you Mom and Dad.

What a beauty. Hailey Loved the flowers Jon and I got her. Flowers On Main is our place!
xoxo Hailey Elizabeth

Purchasing A Fixer Upper Stip Mall

Jon and I have always known we would buy him an office building. Everything needed to be right though. The timing- Jon had to have his contract with State Farm. He needed to know this would be his lifelong career. Location- Since Jon is the only State Farm Agent in his zip code, he couldn't move his office very far. We wanted to be on a Main Street, hence, Main Street. Cost- We needed to be able to really afford it. The cash flow needed to be good. We were not about to buy a property we had to feed every month.

When we first started looking, we found a little house on West Temple, one street over from Main Street. It was priced a little high, but we wondered if the seller would come down. Once I sat down and really tried to see if we could fix up this house or if we should knock it over and build on the 1/3 acre, I realized because Jon and I had never built anything before, that wouldn't be a good place to start. 
It was truly revelation how we found and bought this property. I have had a lot of faith and put a lot of trust in the Lord. My prayers have never been begging to make this work. I didn't want this to be my plan. I wanted it to be His plan. I wanted Him to make the big decision for us because I know when you try to push things that are against the Father's plan, things end up bad- and a lesson is usually taught. I'm fine skipping the hard, uncomfortable lessons! 
I wanted His blessing. I prayed and sincerely asked what He wanted for Jon and I. I told him I want to serve many missions- and being 35, Jon and I need to find a way now to have the financial resources. Missions are so expensive. I felt like it was a joint decision when WE {I feel like this was a real conversation} wanted a rectangle building, 4 front doors, bathrooms in back, no trees or lawn to take care of- just a good, solid building that some old man can't handle and needs to get rid of. I know this happened because I told Jon all about this and not even 10 days later he called me telling me he couldn't believe what he'd found. This was all in July while I was at Girls Camp! Let me tell you, closing on a commercial loan is a big thing and a time consuming thing, in this market. With the mortgage crash of 2007-08, the banks/credit unions aren't messing around. We had to put 20% down, which is hard when the building costs what it does. Luckily, Jon had dragged his feet in investing our saving and we still had cash available that we hadn't put into a retirement account. The rest we were able to get with the ink of a pen. Having 815-820 credit scores has its perks. And the fact that we had no debt and all assets really helped. Still, with an appraisal that cost over $2500 dollars and the fact that we weren't first in line- this tied us up for awhile.
I told my Heavenly Father I was okay at any time for this to all stop- if it wasn't right. That was until we had to fix up unit #3, about $3000 out of our own pockets, to get the record store to sign their 3 year lease. I had felt so good about all of this, Jon and I went in there with our own time and money and by the time we were done, it looked brand new. We were very excited fixing up unit #3- even being exhausted. We just felt so blessed!

We closed 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and we were in HEAVEN! I was pinching myself for days- this was too good to be true. That happiness didn't last long. We completely gutted Jon's office. While ripping up carpet and still seeing glue that had to come up before new carpet could come in, I couldn't hold in my tears and I started crying to the Home Depot guy. It was just too much. We were ripping up literally 2 inches of carpet a minute. It was taking forever. It was so hard, I wanted to walk away. We didn't have the budget to hire out more than floor boards, tile and putting in a new window. There was no walking away. We had to finish.

Doesn't my husband look HOT next to his new building?! "I park on the curb cuz I'm the owner of the builden!" Every time I hear that song it reminds me of him. Love you babe. It's so HOT his name is on the sign. What an awesome business owner.

Let's see... this was before I sobbed to the Home Depot guy...

Why!? Why the blue walls and carpet?! Why???

This is Unit #3 that we fixed up smiling ear to ear. This unit was so much easier.

We have big plans which include a lot of exterior work. New cosmetic roof, lots of boxwoods and dapple willowed trees out front. New lights, new sign being built and hopefully we can get the exterior painted.

Life is good. xoxox to the Love of my life.